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Quality, research and development program

The importance attached to our manufacturing and distribution operations, supported by our quality research and development program, demonstrates our commitment to keep our products and services at a high level of excellence.

The results of a large number of tests including: freezing & thawing, adhesion, resistance to fire, acid rain, ultra-violet rays, etc. which were successful, reflect the quality and durability of our products.


All our acrylic products are designed to withstand North American climatic conditions. They will provide you with assured results when used according to TexNov specifications and installed by company-approved applicators.

Member of the Well Made Here program

This program promotes Canadian manufacturers, making it easier to inform consumers on how to support local companies.

When you choose a Well Made Here certified product, you encourage local businesses, you support local innovation and you encourage employees and employers who participate in the development of the economy of our communities.

Customer service

We offers customer service that has different features. If you want details on the specificity of any of our products, our technicians will always be happy to answer your questions. In addition, it will also be a pleasure to visit you to advise when needed: architects, designers, applicators and customers who request it.

Finally, in addition to the quality of our products and our services, we have obtained special recognition from our customers for the accuracy and speed of our distribution service.

Sustainable development is at the heart of our concerns

At TexNov, we are committed to the quality of our products to guarantee the durability of your projects, for more comfortable homes and more sustainable environments.

TexNov acrylic coatings help protect new homes and renovations from bad weather and damage from water and air infiltration. Our research and development department has perfected the use of 100% acrylic polymers of the latest technology, capable of increasing the value of your home or your commercial or industrial building, reducing its impact on the environment and thus assuming our social responsibility while offering/using products that are easy to apply and of unequaled durability.

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