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Protect and truly repair your asphalt!

Discover Pave-Tex, a coating specifically designed for asphalt surfaces. This innovative product offers unparalleled performance, breathing new life into your damaged driveways for many years.


Our product is a result of extensive research and development, Pave-Tex provides a non-slip surface and enhanced resistance to local weather conditions.


Available in 7 colors, it is perfectly suited to the needs of consumers and contractors. Residential driveways, parking lines and spaces, tennis courts, or schoolyards? Choose ease and durability with Pave-Tex today.

Unmatched Longevity

Say goodbye to the chore of painting your asphalt every year. Pave-Tex acrylic coating is not just simple paint; its advanced technology truly repairs and protects asphalt for several years!

The Advantages - Why choose Pave-Tex?

Texture Grise Bleuté_edited_edited_edite
Texture Grise Bleuté_edited_edited_edite
Unmatched Performance
Maintains the texture and vibrant look of new asphalt
for longer.
Made Here,
For Our Climate
A result of
extensive research

and development.
and durability
Easily applied with a roller in just one weekend!
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